Healthy Diet and Moderate Exercise

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For years now the valuable value of good nutrition and its combination with exercise has been highlighted.


A healthy diet has been defined as one that benefits the body and some of its key characteristics are reduced intake of saturated fat and trans fatty acids, reduction of red meat, sugar, salt and sugar-sweetened beverages. Also important is an increased intake of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, extra virgin olive oil and unsalted nuts as a source of fat and plenty of water. The preference for lean cuts of meat and lower fat products (e.g. Freevia Light Sheep Product 1%) and sweeteners (e.g. Stevia Freevia) as an alternative to sugar has its own contribution to our overall health.

Freevia Healthy Diet Nuts
Freevia Low Fat White Cheese

Exercise, on the other hand, protects the body from falls and fractures as it increases muscle mass and strength of the individual, reduces lipid and sugar levels in the blood and consequently protects the body from obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertriglyceridemia and hypercholesterolemia as well as cardiovascular diseases.

The 4 benefits of combining diet and exercise for our psychosomatic health

Freevia Metabolism Booster

Metabolism Booster

Regular exercise increases our body’s need for calories as enough are consumed during exercise and more are required to meet basic daily needs.

Freevia Sleep Improvement

Sleep improvement is a thing

Regular and gentle exercise has been found to help address sleep problems, as well as improve other parameters (circadian rhythm, metabolism, psychology, endocrine glands). It is advisable to avoid exercise 3 hours before bedtime as it causes overexertion and difficulty in sleeping. Nutritional interventions can help to consolidate and improve sleep.

Freevia Sex Drive Improvement

Your sex drive is on

Many studies show that a healthy relationship with physical activity increases sexual desire, arousal and all the other reasons associated with sexual activity for both sexes (reduced fatigue, increased energy, increased confidence, mood, better heart health). Similar results were observed for good health (particularly the Mediterranean diet) and improved sexual health for both sexes.

Freevia Treatment of Depression

Farewell Depression Symptoms

Exercise and healthy eating has shown positive results in reducing symptoms of depression and bipolar.

Is walking considered exercise?

For all these reasons (and way more), we should incorporate physical activity into our daily schedule. This does not mean that we should dedicate 2 and 3 hours daily or become physically exhausted so that we cannot continue our day.

Freevia Walking Exercise

Just walking is enough! The positive effects of walking have been proven many times over and these include improved self-confidence, a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, better fitness, weight reduction, increased alertness, relaxation and also concentration.


Walking in a group helps all members to become motivated, reduce their procrastination as units and enjoy the exercise more.


The general daily target has been set according to the recommendations at 10,000 steps. If we are not used to that many steps per day, start with fewer (5,000 or 7,500) and increase daily.

Alexandra Kontodimou
Alexandra Kontodimou

Dietitian-Nutritionist MSc
Nutrition Home, 71 Tsimiski, Thessaloniki