• enjoy freedom
  • enjoy life free from restrictions
  • enjoy life free from restrictions
  • enjoy life free from restrictions

Freevia goat yellow cheese

• Great Taste
• Nutritional
• Ideal for Toasts

Freevia Light sheep cheese 1% fat

• Low Fat
• Amazing Taste

Contest full of flavour with 1% fat only

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Enjoy life free from restrictions!

About Freevia

Freevia created to give free access to foods that offer us a balanced and enjoyable diet, free from harmful ingredients. The first important step to this direction is the Freevia sticks, which release us from sugar and the harmful effects of it, giving us an enjoyable way out with the natural sweetener from the stevia plant.




New product! Light Dairy Product 1% Fat!

Following the trend and the need for foods with lower fat we prepared a unique dairy product exclusively from 100% fresh Greek sheep’s milk, with only 1% fat, which retains all the original taste. The reduced fat content along with the good protein content, contribute to the feeling of satiety and help in a balanced diet.