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Pagoni’s Dairy

A family dairy on the slopes of Kethairon confirms that high-quality products are the result of experience and knowledge.

The city of Erythres is located 60 kilometers northwest of Athens and at the borders of Attica and Boeotia, with about 4,000 inhabitants.

The family dairy Pagonis at Kriekouki counts more than half a century of life.

In the mid-1940s it was just a large cauldron in the old patrician courtyard where sheep’s yogurt was made, a well-known product of the region. Daily production was sold on a bench on the main street.

Pagoni’s Dairy

Cheese Making

The dairy PAGONIS manufactures dairy products in a traditional way for more than 45 years. The milk that is taken on a daily basis by the approximately 100 partner breeders is checked in the certified raw milk quality control laboratory in the dairy.

All the products are handmade, made with care, with 100% Greek milk. All necessary quality standards are strictly adhered to.

Every cheese enjoys the care of the cheese maker as one by one is monitored, from salting, up to spins in maturing and painting each cheese by hand.

This is where our amazing Bliss Point aged graviera with black truffle is made, be Greek milk and Greek truffles.

The only Greek cheese with 1% fat!

Following the trend and the need for foods with lower fat we prepared a unique dairy product exclusively from 100% fresh Greek sheep’s milk, with only 1% fat, which retains all the original taste.

Now in New Packages!

Available in practical packaging of 360g and 2kg in brine.