Goat Cheese
Rich in taste, low in fat!

Our Dairy Products

Feel free as you enjoy your favorite dessert or eat the cheese of your choice, without depriving them of the taste and joy they can offer you.

From 100% Greek Goat Milk

The Freevia goat cheese on toast is a unique cheese, digestible and light since it is made exclusively from 100% fresh goat milk and maintains at maximum all these qualities. Enjoy it on your toast!

Goat milk is the only food that approaches so much the characteristics of breast milk. With unique nutritional qualities, healthy, digestible and hypoallergenic.

The only Greek cheese with only 1% fat!

Following the trend and the need for foods with lower fat we prepared a unique dairy product exclusively from 100% fresh Greek sheep’s milk, with only 1% fat, which retains all the original taste.

The reduced fat content along with high protein content 25g/100g, contribute to the feeling of satiety and help in a balanced diet. The sheep cheese is the main calcium intake source that contributes to forming strong and dense bone.

The ONLY Light Cheese from 100% Greek Goat Milk!

The new “Light Goat Cheese for Toast” is an innovative product, made with 100% Greek goat’s milk in Macedonia. What makes it truly unique is that it has only 19% fat, while retaining all the nutrients and vitamins of the fresh goat’s milk.

It is suitable for those who follow a balanced diet, but also ideal for those who want to enjoy life without limits and restrictions.