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Freevia, Enjoy Freedom!

Freedom means having a choice. Freevia was created to give you access to a dietary alternative, without restrictions.

Feel free as you enjoy your favorite dessert or eat the cheese of your choice, without depriving them of the taste and joy they can offer you.

Freevia also means health benefits. Avoid harmful ingredients, get the proper intake of calcium and protein and maintain a balanced body weight, without missing the sweetness of life!

Although we are mostly at home these days, we have the opportunity to start new, healthy habits that will contribute, in the long run, to our well-being. We can enjoy these holidays without the extra weight and make up for the lack of activity with proper nutrition.

Enjoy the Christmas treats with less guilt, and offer your loved ones a festive table, free of fat and sugar.

Freevia, make the choice and enjoy freedom!


Milestones for Freevia

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The beginning of Freevia

Freevia was created to explore new healthy food options. Our first product was a series of powdered sweeteners from the stevia plant.

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The creation of two new cheese products

The delicious goat cheese for toast, which is a pioneer in its category and the Light Sheep 1%, which is a world innovation and is a “feta” type product with only 1% fat.

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Light Sheep Product 1%
goat cheese

New packaging for Freevia Goat cheese

Our goat cheese is also available in 180gr package, in slices.

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New sweetening product

Freevia stevia is now available in liquid form and is available in a practical package of 40 & 150 sticks with 0 calories!

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Liquid Sweetener
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Liquid Sweetener

New light goat cheese and liquid stevia in a bottle

For the first time, a light goat cheese for toast is released in the Greek market! In addition, liquid stevia is also available in a 50ml bottle.