Goat Cheese
Greek Dairy Products

Our Producers

We work with small Greek producers and Greek companies that share with us the vision of innovative, high quality products.

Persistent on quality and taste

Tzourbaki products represent the Cretan food tradition for many years, conquering not only the local but also the pan-Hellenic market with our delicious products.

Our traditional sheep and goat breeding area in Karines, Rethymno, at an equal distance from both the south and the north, contributes significantly to the production of excellent sheep and goat milk and the production of traditional cheese products with fine quality and taste.

A family dairy

Following the trend and the need for foods with lower fat we prepared a unique dairy product exclusively from 100% fresh Greek sheep’s milk, with only 1% fat, which retains all the original taste.

The reduced fat content along with high protein content 25g/100g, contribute to the feeling of satiety and help in a balanced diet. The sheep cheese is the main calcium intake source that contributes to forming strong and dense bone.