Tzourbaki Cheese Factory

Tzourbaki Cheese Factory

Persistent on quality and taste since 1978!

Tzourbakis Natural products represent the authentic Cretan food tradition for many years, conquering not only the local but also the Greek market with the delicious and healthy products of the company.

Our traditional sheep and goat grazing lands spanning the region of Karines in Rethymnon from both the south and north, contributes crucially to collecting excellent sheep and goat milk and making natural traditional cheese products of excellent quality and taste.

Our products have become famous throughout Greece from renowned Chefs and through references in special magazines such as Gourmet, Gastronomos, Olive etc. Tzourbakis Natural has a wide variety of dairy products covering all tastes and needs.

Tzourbaki Cheese Factory

Our resources and our goal

Our natural raw materials, our precious milk, our modern production facilities, a analytical laboratory with permanent staff checking milk quality on a daily basis, certified exceptional sanitation conditions and our enthusiasm, are the ingredients for a perfect result.

Naturally, our permanent goal is the production of safe and tasteful products. Our dairy and other cheese products are a rich source of protein and calcium with high nutritional value and constitute the base of the Mediterranean diet.

Our light goat cheese, our most popular product, contains only 19% fat and has been unanimously praised by gastronomes and chefs in competitions for the best low fat Greek cheese.

Tzourbaki Cheese

Methodology and certification

Our facilities spread over an area with rich pastures in Rethymnon, Crete. The vast areas of grazing, the rich and natural feeding of sheep and goats combined with modern technology allow us to collect, process and finally produce high quality milk.

Tzourbakis Natural collaborates with providers using modern milking facilities in order to ensure the excellent quality and superb taste of our products. The company/s dairy farm operates under ISO 22000/05 which guarantees the excellent quality, wholesomeness and safety of Tzourbakis Natural products.

From 100% Greek Goat Milk

The Freevia goat cheese on toast is a unique cheese, digestible and light since it is made exclusively from 100% fresh goat milk and maintains at maximum all these qualities. Enjoy it on your toast!