Freevia Semi Hard Lactose Free Cheese 150gr

A new category in the freevia family, the semi-hard cheese without lactose! It is estimated that up to 70% of the world’s population has some intolerance to lactose. Wanting to give consumers a solution, we made a delicious cheese free of lactose. Healthy, with all the ingredients of cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk. Due to its maturity, it acquires a rich texture and full taste. Store in a refrigerator between 4ºC and 6ºC. Leave the cheese at room temperature for about 10 minutes before eating it to give all its flavours and aroma.
Packing: Vacuum 150gr
Ingredients: Pasteurized cow’s milk, sheep’s milk and goat’s milk, salt, milk dough, rennet, calcium chloride and preservative: Lisozymi (egg product) Non-edible peel Lactose free
Διατροφική δήλωσηNutrition declarationανά/per 100g
εκ των οποίων κορεσμέναof which Saturates21,34g
εκ των οποίων Σάκχαραof which Sugars<2g
Αριθμός / NoΠεριγραφή / DescriptionΒασική Μον. Μέτρησης / UnitΜονάδες ανά Κιβώτιο / Units per PackΚιβώτια ανά Παλέτα / Packs per PalleteΧρόνος ζωής (μήνες) / Lifespan in monthsBar Code
433-005-001ΗΜΙΣΚΛΗΡΟ ΤΥΡΙ ΧΩΡΙΣ ΛΑΚΤΟΖΗ 150gr / Semihard cheece Lactose Free 150gr.ΤΕΜ. / pc.1816085203155433043